Cutting & Soldering Service

by | Nov 6, 2020 | General

Here at Concept LED Lights Ltd we can supply your LED tapes cut and tailed to a variety of lengths for your project no matter how large or small. We have a designated soldering team working on 1000s of custom projects each month to meet our customers’ requirements. When you’re looking to order, please note that our LED tapes are supplied on 5m reels as standard (unless stated otherwise).

Starter Leads
Concept LED Lights can also supply the exact lengths of starter leads you require for single colour and colour changing LED tape. If you do not state a specific length of starter lead then the LED tape will be supplied with a 1m starter lead as standard.

IP65 rating (waterproof)
Here at Concept LED Lights we can also cut and solder the LED tape to length for the IP65 rating (waterproof) LED tape. If you tell us the lengths you require we can then cut the LED tape to lengths and fully re-seal the ends again to a reliable IP65 rating.